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I will guide you through my new guest journey so your first visit with me will be effortless. Let me introduce you to my digital booking process, new client service options, and pricing options. No need to feel pressure or stress, I am here to help.

Extension client filling out consultation form
Hair serum for hair extensions
Hair extension client putting hair in ponytail

Let's Get Started!

Karmyn James


Step Two

Take a look at my service options and service menus for both hair extensions and modern, low maintenance hair color.

Client Profile


Step Four

Arrive at the salon excited and relaxed, and walk away feeling like your best self. I can’t wait to meet you!


Step One

Get to know me through my About Me page. I want you to get the feel of who I am and what my specialties are.

Handtied Hair Extensions


Step Three

Submit your new guest digital pre-consultation request so I can be fully prepared for our consultation.

Mane Hue Salon Decor

If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, check out my FAQ page first.

Mane Hue Salon

What To Expect

The Pre-Visit

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I totally get that. I have created my luxury hair experience to take away all of the usual stress and anxiety that you can feel when scheduling a new hair appointment. My booking process will give you confidence in knowing that I am dedicated to creating an experience like no other for you. Get excited to have your dream hair!

The Consultation

Once you have submitted your digital pre-consultation form and you have been approved, we will have a virtual consultation by either telephone call or a zoom call to discuss what is the best way to provide you with your dream hair. I will then create a plan for your hair, send you a quote that shows all info needed and get your appointment set, this is when the excitement begins. You will receive a Welcome email with all information needed to ensure your luxury experience is tailored to your needs. You can expect to be pampered with complimentary drinks, snacks, an indulgence shampoo experience and all the Netflix shows you love to watch. You will feel listened to, excited and taken care of while you enjoy your Mane Hue Salon experience.

After Goodbye

I will send out a session recap follow-up email after your visit. This is where I will go over the custom maintenance plan we discussed and send over links to my haircare guides for your at-home haircare routine, as well as any links to tutorials we discussed. I love educating my guests on all ways to care for your hair, so I like to keep in touch to ensure that you have my on going support, even between your visits. 

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