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  • Why do I have to submit a consultation form to book with you?
    My digital consultation form allows the booking process to move smoothly for the both of us. This form provides me with all the information that I need to see if I am the stylist for you. I would never want to waste your time or mine, if I am not the stylist for you. ​ Once I have all that information from you, come appointment day we can both arrive confident and relaxed about the gorgeous transformation that is about to take place.
  • Why can't I book just a haircut with you to start?
    Unfortunately, I no longer take haircut only clients. I love cutting hair! It is my belief that you can not have beautiful color without a gorgeous haircut, to help enhance that color or vice versa. You can always receive a haircut with your color service for a whole new look.
  • Why don't I see just a simple full highlight or partial highlight on your service menu?
    I specialize in creating dimensional, lived-in color for blondes, brondes and brunettes. These kinds of looks are more intricate and involve so much more work than a traditional highlight. I place my foil work in a very strategic way that is not a specific partial highlight or even a full highlight. I focus more on the end result rather than the partial highlight or full highlight method. Please refer to my service descriptions to find the best service for your look. Still unsure? Submit your consultation form and I will help guide you through what services are best for your desired end result.
  • Why do you only offer Invisible Bead Extensions?
    I have been certified in many, many different methods of extensions over the years. I like all those other hair extension methods and what they can give you, but I have found that Invisible Bead Extensions allows my guests to confidently wear their extensions knowing their hair and scalp are safe. IBE allows my creativity to flourish and create some really amazing transformations.
  • Do you offer any fantasy or mermaid colors?
    I love to see a beautiful fantasy color or bright vibrant red, but I choose to specialize in Invisible Bead Extensions and lightening services. I have spent most of my time and advanced education in these specific services, that is why I do not offer fantasy colors or vibrant reds.
  • How do I schedule a consultation first before an appointment?
    I offer the convenience of a digital consultation form for all new guests to submit your questions and hair information to start. This is the first step in the consultation process. You can find my digital consultation form by clicking here.
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